The choir was founded in 1912 by the mayor István Bárczy from the capital's officials and teachers. His first chorus master and artistic director was Jenő Sztojanovits. After World War I, in 1919 Pongrác  Kacsoh reopened the Capital Choir. Presently Gáspár Krasznai leads the choir.

The choir sings from Baroque compositions to contemporary pieces and alongside a cappella programme regularly takes part in oratorical performances. Several Kodály’s choral works premieres are associated with their names.

In 2002, the choir was honored to receive a prize from the Municipality of Budapest for leading the choir movement in the capital.

In 2012, the centenarian Capital Choir was awarded the Hungarian Heritage Award.
On the suggestion of the Judging Committee of the Hungarian Heritage Prize, the Capital Choir became part of the Hungarian Heritage on 22.09.2012. On behalf of the choir, chorus masters Gábor Ugrin and Tibor Noseda  received the diploma and the gold medal.

In December 2017 we received a gold diploma at the International Chorus Inside Christmas International Qualification Festival in Budapest.

In 2018 we were invited to the Chorus Inside Summer International Certification Festival in Italy. We sang at the Marucino Theater in Chieti. Here, too, we won a gold degree. In October we receive a silver diploma at the Chişinău International Choir Festival. It was the first time Hungarian choirs were singing in Chişinău.

In 2019, the  Capital Choir received the silver diploma of Chorus Inside Espana International Certification Festival in Lloret de Mar.

Over the years, we have been successful in many countries such as Austria, Italy, France, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Spain.

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